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Integrated Care Systems (ICS) awareness

The creation of ICSs is a national change and there will be over 40 of these across the country. 

Within the South East London ICS will be:

An Integrated Care Board, a new statutory body responsible for planning NHS services including those previously planned by clinical commissioning groups.  Membership of the board includes partners from local authorities, NHS Trusts and general practice. 

Integrated care partnership, bringing NHS together with other key partners like local authorities to develop a strategy to enable the ICS to improve health and wellbeing across south east London.

Provider collaboratives:  New partnerships to bring together providers such as hospital, mental health and community services.  

Six place based local care partnerships, which for us is One Bromley.

The legislation is catching up with what has been happening for years within health and care across the NHS, local authorities and the community and voluntary sector around the country.  As we know from One Bromley, working in an integrated way will improve patient care  and help to remove barriers to care.

You can watch a video on what the new changes will look like here.


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