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Ukraine crisis

We recognise that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has created a humanitarian crisis demanding both urgent and longer-term strategic responses from many nations, including the UK.

As part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme, the council has already begun visiting homes of residents who have applied to be part of this. If you need to get in touch, please email ukrainesupport@bromley.gov.uk or telephone Bromley’s Ukraine support line 020 8313 4698

If you are a resident with friends and family in Ukraine and need information or support about what is happening please contact the Ukrainian Embassy.

You can view the Government’s welcome guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK.


Bromley’s Ukrainian Support Hub opens its doors

A Ukraine Support Hub was launched by the council at Bromley Civic Centre on 19 May 2022. 

The multi-agency centre, providing aid to Ukrainians new to the borough, was opened by the Mayor in her first official duty.

The borough’s support hub, which was piloted earlier in May, offers Ukrainians the opportunity to drop in between 9:30 and 12:30 to receive information and advice about subjects ranging from healthcare and employment to school placements and everyday issues. The hub hosts both representatives from various organisations and a wealth of material, both for the new residents of the borough and for residents hosting them.

Find out more here.

Human Trafficking Foundation (September 2022)

STOP THE TRAFFIK has been conducting interviews with NGOs and academics across various countries to learn more about the evolving migration situation and trafficking risks facing people both fleeing Ukraine and those displaced within the country.

Human Trafficking Foundation (August 2022)

Resources and useful guidance for Ukrainian nationals arriving in the UK and for hosts under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.


Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board awareness leaflet - Ukrainian translated (April 2022) 


UCL: The war in Ukraine and associated risks of human trafficking and exploitation (29 April 2022)

UCL and the Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner (IASC) convened an international, multi-agency online roundtable on 7 April 2022. The roundtable focused on risks of human trafficking and exploitation arising from the war in  Ukraine. The emphasis was on the UK context, situated within lessons and concerns from the broader international landscape.

Find out more here.


Human Trafficking Foundation - HTF (12 April 2022)

The HTF have worked together to collate resources that could be useful for Ukrainians to know their rights, the risks of modern slavery and who to contact if they have concerns that can be found here.

Arrivals from Ukraine: advice for primary care (08 April 2022)

The government has published information intended to help primary care professionals assess and address the health needs of patients ordinarily resident in Ukraine who have arrived in the UK in response to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Arrivals will usually be under the government visa schemes (Ukraine Family Scheme and the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (Homes for Ukraine)).

Find further information here.

Ukraine: migrant health guide (07 April 2022)

Advice and guidance on the health needs of migrant patients from Ukraine for healthcare practitioners can be found here.

Homes for Ukraine: guidance for councils (18 March 2022)

Guidance on the Homes for Ukraine scheme outlines the role of councils across England in supporting the scheme can be found here

Health and Safeguarding Refugees and People Seeking Asylum (March 2022)

This rapid read is to support health care workers and partners who may be in contact with refugees and people seeking asylum living in the UK. As with any safeguarding concern, usual referral processes in your area apply and do not differ for any non-citizen of the UK. There are also local processes for unaccompanied minors and children travelling with kinship carers and trusted adults, which must be followed.

How the NHS works: a guide for migrants (February 2022)

This infographic poster provides information on emergency and health support services for those in the community.  


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