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Tackling loneliness

The Tackling Loneliness workshop has been running from March 2023, the aim for the workshop is to give individuals who work with residents of all ages within Bromley to inform them what Loneliness is, who is affected and resources out there to support residents who may be experiencing this emotion. This course aims to help alleviate the stigma around loneliness to help challenge the culture around this emotion, with this course being a steppingstone for people to engage in honest and open conversations about Loneliness.

Objectives for the session

  • Understand what loneliness is.
  • What the difference is between loneliness and social isolation.
  • Recall when can loneliness occur?
  • Gather who is most likely to feel lonely in our society?
  • Understand the impact of loneliness – physically, mentally, and financially.
  • How to start a conversation around loneliness.
  • Have an overview of the Tackling Loneliness Strategy in London Borough of Bromley.
  • Recall resources in Bromley and nationally to support for residents experiencing loneliness.

Target audience for the workshop

The target audience for this workshop is anyone who supports residents in the London Borough of Bromley. Partners who work for these organisations and sectors will be actively encouraged to take part in this course:

  • Bromley Council
  • Metropolitan Police Service 
  • London Fire Brigade
  • NHS Southeast London Clinical Commissioning Group 
  • Local health services, including community services and hospitals
  • Voluntary organisations and charities
  • Care providers
  • Supported housing providers
  • London Southeast Colleges
  • Schools
  • early years
  • probation services

As the course progresses over time, the target audience may change to include those residing in Bromley and others who provide services within the borough and beyond.

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Befriending services

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Children's mental health

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