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Self-Neglect and Hoarding Panel

Referrals to the Self-Neglect and Hoarding Panel (SNaHP)


Referrals to the SNAHP to be sent 7 days in advance of the meeting to lbbqualityperformance@bromley.gov.uk


Meetings will be held via a virtual meeting platform. 


Dates of meetings for 2022:

Wednesday 12 January 2022                                     

Wednesday 09 February 2022                                  

Wednesday 09 March 2022                                       

Wednesday 13 April 2022                                         

Wednesday 11 May 2022                                           

Wednesday 08 June 2022                                       

Wednesday 13 July 2022                                         

Wednesday 10 August 2022                                      

Wednesday 14 September 2022                                

Wednesday 12 October 2022                                     

Wednesday 09 November 2022                                 

Preparing for the meeting

  1. Referrals are to be completed on the appropriate SNaHP referral form 
  2. Complete the LBB Risk Assessment & Protection Plan if the case is considered significant/high risk and/or the service user is a repeat referral to the panel. Share your findings at the meeting.
  3. Consider speaking with other multi-agency professionals to gain their perspective and determine if there has been any previous involvement with the adult, if possible.
  4. Discuss the case with a senior member of staff /line manager/Consultant Lead Practitioner/Safeguarding Advisor before the meeting if possible, particularly with regard the any MCA assessment, if possible.
  5. Ensure a referral to the London Fire Brigade has been completed before the meeting if possible and feedback actions LFB have taken, upon receipt of referral, if you’re able to.


Chairperson: Regional Sustainment Manager, Clarion Housing Group

Members in attendance usually are as follows:

  1. LBB Consultant Lead Practitioner
  2. LBB Environmental Health Service
  3. Clarion Housing Group
  4. SEL NHS CCG (Bromley) Adult Safeguarding GP
  5. London Fire Brigade (if required)
  6. Bromley Healthcare Adult Safeguarding Lead
  7. Oxleas CMHT
  8. SEL NHS CCG (Bromley) Adult Safeguarding Lead


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