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Bromley SAB

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Message from the Chair

'Welcome to the Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board website. Here you will find information about how our Board oversees and seeks assurance about the activities in the borough that protect and reduce the risk of abuse and neglect for its adult residents. You can also find information on how to identify and report abuse, as well as information about organisations that provide services, advice and support for Bromley residents.

As the Care Act states, safeguarding adults boards have a strategic role that is greater than the sum of the operational duties of the core partners, to oversee and lead adult safeguarding across the locality and have an interest in a range of matters that contribute to the prevention of abuse and neglect.  As the Independent Chair of BSAB, I am fortunate to be working alongside a broad range of partners from across the statutory, community and independent sectors. We are committed to making sure that the voices of people with lived experience and carers are heard by service providers and continue to seek ways in which to ensure that our activities are inclusive of all Bromley residents.

We are keen to hear your views on our website and the work of the Board.  You can contact us here.'


Teresa Bell


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