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Bromley SAB

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Message from the Chair

'I am delighted to be joining the Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) as Independent Chair.  I am really pleased to have this opportunity to work with you to build on the achievements of BSAB, to understand current and emerging risks and challenges, and to develop and implement effective partnership responses to ensure that Bromley is a safe place for everyone in these uniquely challenging times. As the Care Act states, BSAB has a strategic role that is greater than the sum of the operational duties of the core partners, to oversee and lead adult safeguarding across the locality and have an interest in a range of matters that contribute to the prevention of abuse and neglect.  

As a former Director of Adult Social Services and in my current work, I have a strong belief in the value and strength of the collaborative approach that Safeguarding Adults Boards provide, which is all the more important as we respond to the pandemic.  My other roles include being Independent Chair of the Isle of Wight SAB and West of Berkshire SAB, as well as currently working with the Local Government Association as Care and Health Improvement Adviser for South East England.  I have held a range of senior and leadership roles in both the statutory and voluntary sectors.  I very much look forward to meeting as many of you as possible, whether individually or at Board meetings in the coming months.'

Teresa Bell

January 2021


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