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Local & Board Documents

Adult Safeguarding Policy & Procedure (Procedure 1)  - the Policy and Procedure for conducting adult safeguarding enquiries in the Bromley area.

Advocacy Safeguarding (Procedure 30) - process for adults at risk who require advocacy support.

Appeals Procedure: Adult Safeguarding Planning Meetings and Outcomes (Procedure 10) - procedure outlining when appeals can be made in relation to the outcome of an adult safeguarding enquiry, management of an adult safeguarding planning meeting, and how such appeals are resolved. 

Bromley Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) guidance and flowchart - to raise awareness of the risks of FGM and aims to ensure that services across the borough are equipped to respond to and reduce the practice of FGM.

Care Act Duty of Candour (Procedure 9) - guidance for lead agency practitioners on the Section 81 Care Act statutory Duty of Candour on secondary care organisations registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Coroner (Procedure 19) - Process for practitioners who are asked to act as a witness at an inquest.

Data Sharing Agreement this agreement describes the basis for the lawful exchange of information between organisations involved in adult safeguarding, and sets out the processes and principles for sharing information. 

    Home Fire Safety Initiative Referrals (Procedure 4) - guidance to LBB Adult Services Division staff and other partner agencies on making referrals to the London Fire Brigade for free home fire safety visits for adults at risk.

    Initial Response Procedure for LAS Reports, Police Merlins and Care Quality Commission Referrals (Procedure 7) - guidance for Early Intervention Service (EIS), on the process and procedure for receipt and processing of LAS Vulnerable Adult in Need/at Risk Report Form, Police Merlins and alerts concerning provider services regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

    London multi-agency policy and procedures to safeguard adults from abuse - this guide outlines the legal basis for the safeguarding of adults at risk of harm in England. It is aimed primarily at practitioners working in various settings for organisations involved in safeguarding. But it may also be useful for volunteers, family carers and people with disabilities._

    Managing allegations against staff and volunteers working with adults at risk of abuse (Procedure 17) - guidance for health and social care providers on managing allegations of abuse or neglect against health and social staff and volunteers working with adults with care and support needs who may be experiencing or at risk of abuse.

    Mental Capacity Act 2005 - This policy guidance provides key information for Care Services division staff on the implementation of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the responsibilities of health and social care professionals with a duty of care for adults who may lack capacity to make decisions for themselves.

    Person in Position of Trust (PIPOT) Framework & Toolkit - this policy relates to those instances where a relevant agency is alerted to information that may affect the suitability of a professional, or volunteer to work with an adult(s) at risk, where such information has originated from activity outside their professional or volunteer role and place of work.

    Pressure Ulcers (Procedure 18) - process for safeguarding, recording and managing avoidable grade 3++ pressure ulcers.

    Prevent Case Management Board (Channel) terms of reference - the board will support the assessment of Prevent referrals for suitability to the Channel Intervention Programme.

    Protocol for Recording Out of Borough Adult Safeguarding Investigations (Procedure 12) - Protocol for the recording of safeguarding investigations in care settings outside the borough which involve service users who have been placed by the London Borough of Bromley and who retain their ordinary residence status in Bromley.

    Risk Threshold Decision Making Tool (Procedure 34) - information for Health and Social Care professionals to assist in assessing threshold decisions in safeguarding concerns.

    Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) Policy (Procedure 29) - this policy provides an explanation of Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SAR) and the process by which a SAR is carried out. It includes how professionals can make referrals for a SAR, how the SAR Committee Sub-Group will recommend whether a SAR or other type of review should be carried out, how to commission and carry out a SAR and the approach to confidentiality, information sharing and communication which should be followed.

    SAR Referral Form

    Safeguarding Adults at Risk Local Guidance and Police Intervention (Procedure 2) - local guidance and good practice for the implementation of London Multi-agency Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures 2019 to safeguard adults from abuse. In particular, police intervention in the Safeguarding Adults Process.

    Safeguarding Referral Form - this form is for professionals and/or service providers to complete when making a safeguarding referral. 

    Service Level Enquiries, Suspension and/or Termination of Commissioned Services (Procedure 8) - Protocol for authorising service level safeguarding enquiries, suspension or termination of commissioning of placements or other services in relation to adult safeguarding concerns about commissioned providers. Includes toolkit for the conduct of large scale investigations.

    Service User Individual Feedback Form (Procedure 35) - A questionnaire for service users to provide information regarding their thoughts and opinions regarding their safeguarding process. Guidance for practitioners administering this questionnaire. 

    National Documents

    Arrangements for visiting out of the care home - sets out how care homes can support residents on visits outside of the care home.

    Care and Support Statutory Guidance - section 14 references Adult Safeguarding. 

    Home Fire Safety Visit referral form - to make referrals to the London Fire Brigade for free home fire safety visits for adults at risk.

    Out-of-Area Safeguarding Adults Arrangements, ADASS Guidance, June 2016 - guidance for Inter-Authority Safeguarding Adults Enquiry and Protection Arrangements.

    Recognising and preventing delirium - National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

    Safeguarding adults in care homes - published by NICE, February 2021.

    SCIE: Creating a safeguarding culture - is a quick guide for registered managers of care homes. This guidance was co-produced by NICE and SCIE and is based on NICE’s guideline on Safeguarding Adults In Care Homes.

    This new quick guide provides concise practical guidance on how to develop a positive culture that encourages open conversations about safeguarding. Registered managers of care homes may find this resource useful. The quick guide includes advice on:

    • safeguarding policy
    • systems and procedures
    • whistleblowing
    • roles and responsibilities
    • management and supervision


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