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PLEASE NOTE: as we are currently reviewing all documents to ensure that information is accurate and up to date, you may not find what you are looking for, if this is the case please contact the BSAB directly with your request. 

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Local & Board Documents


Adult Learning Disability Services Key Information - March 2023 - The head of the Adult Learning Disability Services in Bromley has put together key information about what a learning disability is, what having a learning disability means, the Adult Learning Disability Team and partner agencies, the referral process and criteria, what a strength-based assessment is, the outcome process, eligibility, and additional information with links. 

Adults at Serious Risk from Self-Neglect (Procedure 3) - This document sets out Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board policy and procedure for a multi- agency response to situations when an individual over 18 years is at risk of serious injury or grave deterioration of health as a result of refusal of assessment and/or intervention by statutory agencies.

Adult Safeguarding Policy & Procedure (Procedure 1)  - The Policy and Procedure for conducting adult safeguarding enquiries in the Bromley area.

Adult Safeguarding Policy & Procedure (Procedure 1) - 7minute briefing (January 2024).

Advocacy Safeguarding (Procedure 30) - Process for adults at risk who require advocacy support.

Advocacy Safeguarding (Procedure 30) - 7minute briefing (January 2024).


Bromley Community Safety Partnership Strategy 2020 to 2023 - We are pleased to introduce the Safer Bromley Partnership Community Safety Strategy for 2020 to 2023, which incorporates the Community Plan and the Crime Reduction Strategy into a single document.

Bromley & Croydon Women's Aid Compliments Policy - outlining the compliments policy. 

Bromley & Croydon Women's Aid Complaints Policy & Procedure - provides a process by which service users and other agencies can make a complaint regarding Bromley & Croydon Women’s Aid’s (BCWA) services and decisions. This policy also provides information on how BCWA will manage the complaint and timeframes for doing so.

Bromley Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit - This toolkit has been developed with local education settings in mind and aims to be a 'one stop shop' for mental health and wellbeing resources and information to education leaders, teams and staff. 


Care Act Duty of Candour (Procedure 9) - Guidance for lead agency practitioners on the Section 81 Care Act statutory Duty of Candour on secondary care organisations registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Care Act Duty of Candour (Procedure 9) - 7minute briefing (January 2024).

Care and support statutory guidance - Updated 27 January 2022

Carers Charter (June 24) - One Bromley, the local partnership between health, social care, and voluntary services, has published its Carers Charter. Developed with carers involvement, and based on the London Borough of Bromley's Carers Plan, the Charter has four main principles that all nine partner organisations have signed up to, committing to a common approach on how unpaid carers are engaged, supported, and consulted.

Change Grow Live (CGL): Bromley Drug and Alcohol Service - Referral Form.

Complex Case Pathway - framework and guidance that promotes multi-agency working in supporting people with complex needs who may be at risk of abuse of neglect due to either a lack of engagement with services or because they are do not meet eligibility criteria for one or more services but have safeguarding needs that might benefit from a multi-agency response.

You can download the meeting template here


County Lines: An Introduction - NHS Rapid Read

County Lines: Coercive Internal Concealment - NHS Rapid Read

Cuckooing and Exploitation Guidance (Procedure 14) - The aim of this document is to provide guidance and support to all staff who may come across victims of cuckooing and exploitation when they are carrying out their job role.

Cuckooing and Exploitation Guidance (Procedure 14)- 7minute briefing (January 2024).



Data Sharing Agreement - This agreement describes the basis for the lawful exchange of information between organisations involved in adult safeguarding, and sets out the processes and principles for sharing information. 

    Domestic Abuse Professional’s Service Directory is a service guide for organisations and professionals in Bromley providing support to victims and survivors, and perpetrators of Domestic Abuse. 

    Domestic Abuse Act Guidance - The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 provides further protections to the millions of people who experience domestic abuse and strengthens measures to tackle perpetrators. From the 29 April the Domestic Abuse Bill was been given Royal Assent and is now legislation as the Domestic Abuse Act 2021.

    Domestic Abuse Pathways in Bromley - a presentation delivered to professionals working with victims of domestic abuse within Bromley. 

    Domestic Abuse: Women and Girls Network Harmful Practices Support Group Referral Form (Agency Use Only) - The Harmful Practices Support Group is a support group for women who have experienced or been affected by harmful practicesThis referral form is for online groups developed following the postponement of face to face groups in response to COVID-19.  Please check that clients have the appropriate equipment and set up in their homes to access the online rooms.

    Domestic Abuse 2021-24 Strategy - The Bromley Intergenerational Domestic Abuse Strategy 2021 to 2024 is committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for victims and survivors of domestic abuse in Bromley.

    Domestic Abuse 2021-24 Strategy Language Guidance Document - promotes appropriate and sensitive use of language to ensure that victims’ and survivors’ experiences are not diminished.

    Domestic Violence - Bromley Sanctuary Scheme (March 2023) - Any Bromley residents that are experiencing violence or abuse would qualify to be considered for a referral into the Sanctuary Scheme. For more information about the Bromley Sanctuary Scheme process click here.

    Drive Perpetrator Panel Toolkit for Adult Social Care Representatives - The overarching aim of the panel is to disrupt abuse and reduce reoffending amongst high risk and high harm perpetrators of domestic abuse, while keeping victim/survivor and children’s safety as the core.


    BSAB Webinar: Environmental Health - How can they help you and your clients! (February 2024) - Sarah Newman delivers a comprehensive session on Environmental Health, emphasising all public protection services available whilst also drawing on insights from the recent Ms Bubbles Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR).


    Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) guidance and flowchart - To raise awareness of the risks of FGM and aims to ensure that services across the borough are equipped to respond to and reduce the practice of FGM.


    Hoarding clutter rating - Process for Clutter Image Rating Tool. 

    Home Fire Safety Initiative Referrals (Procedure 4) November 2023 - Guidance to LBB Adult Services Division staff and other partner agencies on making referrals to the London Fire Brigade for free home fire safety visits for adults at risk.

    Home Fire Safety Initiative Referrals (Procedure 4) - 7minute briefing (January 2024).

    Home Fire Safety Visit referral form (for professionals) - To make referrals to the London Fire Brigade for free home fire safety visits for adults at risk.

    Home Fire Safety Visit referral form (online for community members) - To make referrals to the London Fire Brigade for free home fire safety visits for adults at risk.


    Initial Response Procedure for LAS Reports, Police Merlins and Care Quality Commission Referrals (Procedure 7) - Guidance for Early Intervention Service (EIS), on the process and procedure for receipt and processing of LAS Vulnerable Adult in Need/at Risk Report Form, Police Merlins and alerts concerning provider services regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

    Integrated Care Systems (ICS) Awareness - The creation of ICSs is a national change and there will be over 40 of these across the country. There is an Integrated Care Board, integrated care partnership, provider collaboratives, six place-based local care partnerships. To watch the video on what the new changes will look like, click here.


    London multi-agency policy and procedures to safeguard adults from abuse - This guide outlines the legal basis for the safeguarding of adults at risk of harm in England. It is aimed primarily at practitioners working in various settings for organisations involved in safeguarding. But it may also be useful for volunteers, family carers and people with disabilities._


    Managing allegations against staff and volunteers working with adults at risk of abuse (Procedure 17) - Guidance for health and social care providers on managing allegations of abuse or neglect against health and social staff and volunteers working with adults with care and support needs who may be experiencing or at risk of abuse.

    MARAC: SafeLives Toolkit for Adult Social Care - This provides background information MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference), the legal framework and the process when making referrals. 

    MARAC South Area Referral Form Reviewed (June 2023) - MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference) is a meeting where information is shared on the highest risk domestic abuse cases between representatives of local police, health, child protection, housing practitioners, Independent Domestic & Sexual Violence Advocates (IDSVA’s) and other specialists. Information shared at the MARAC is confidential and is only used for the purpose of reducing the risk of harm to those at risk.

    Mental Capacity Act 2005 - This policy guidance provides key information for Care Services division staff on the implementation of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the responsibilities of health and social care professionals with a duty of care for adults who may lack capacity to make decisions for themselves.

    Missing Person Procedure (Procedure 15) - This procedure concerns adults aged 18 years and older who may be recognised as vulnerable and are reported as missing. 

    Missing Person Procedure (Procedure 15) - 7minute briefing (January 2024).

    Modern Day Slavery & Human Trafficking (Procedure 26) - To safeguard adults and children who are at risk of modern slavery and human trafficking. This document provides guidance on modern slavery and human trafficking, summarises the National Referral Mechanism process by which potential victims of modern slavery are formally identified and provided with support, and provides information on available resources.

    Modern Day Slavery & Human Trafficking (Procedure 26) - 7minute briefing (January 2024). 


    Operation Hydrant Factsheet Victim Reporting 


    Pressure Ulcer Protocol (Procedure 18) - Process for safeguarding, recording and managing avoidable grade 3++ pressure ulcers.

    Pressure Ulcer Protocol (Procedure 18) - 7minute briefing (July 2024). 

    Prevent Case Management Board (Channel) terms of reference - The board will support the assessment of Prevent referrals for suitability to the Channel Intervention Programme.


    Risk Threshold Decision Making Tool (Procedure 34) - Information for Health and Social Care professionals to assist in assessing threshold decisions in safeguarding concerns.

    Risk Threshold Decision Making Tool (Procedure 34) - 7minute briefing (July 24)


    Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) Policy (Procedure 29) - This policy provides an explanation of Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SAR) and the process by which a SAR is carried out. It includes how professionals can make referrals for a SAR, how the SAR Committee Sub-Group will recommend whether a SAR or other type of review should be carried out, how to commission and carry out a SAR and the approach to confidentiality, information sharing and communication which should be followed.

    Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) Policy (Procedure 29) - 7minute briefing (January 2024). 

    SAR Referral Form

    Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SAR) Poster - This outlines the definition and criteria for a SAR. 

    Safeguarding Adult Review Quality Markers (SCIE) - Comprehensive checklist tool (March 2022)

    Safeguarding Adults at Risk Local Guidance and Police Intervention (Procedure 2) - Local guidance and good practice for the implementation of London Multi-agency Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures 2019 to safeguard adults from abuse. In particular, police intervention in the Safeguarding Adults Process.

    Safeguarding Adults at Risk Local Guidance and Police Intervention (Procedure 2) - 7minute briefing (January 2024). 

    Safeguarding Referral Form - This form is for professionals and/or service providers to complete when making a safeguarding referral. 

    Self-Neglect and Hoarding Guidance (Procedure 3) - This guidance seeks to advise BSAB partners regarding what Self-Neglect and Hoarding is, and how to address these complex issues using a multi-agency approach.

    Self-Neglect and Hoarding Guidance (Procedure 3)  - 7minute briefing (January 2024). This short briefing provides an overview of the Self-Neglect and Hoarding Guidance. 

    For more information, please watch the BSAB Self-Neglect & Hoarding video here, or click the video below:

    Service Level Enquiries, Suspension and/or Termination of Commissioned Services (Procedure 8) - Protocol for authorising service level safeguarding enquiries, suspension or termination of commissioning of placements or other services in relation to adult safeguarding concerns about commissioned providers. Includes toolkit for the conduct of large scale investigations.

    National Documents

    Alcohol Change: How to use legal powers to safeguard highly vulnerable dependent drinkers - This guide aims to help practitioners to improve the well-being and safety of adults who are highly vulnerable, chronic, dependent drinkers.

    Arrangements for visiting out of the care home - Sets out how care homes can support residents on visits outside of the care home.

    Carers and safeguarding: a briefing for people who work with carers (February 2022) - This briefing provides an update of the ADASS Advice note 'Carers and Safeguarding Adults' produced in 2011 for frontline workers and brings it in line with the Care Act 2014.

    Care and Support Statutory Guidance - Section 14 references Adult Safeguarding. 

    Criminal exploitation of children and vulnerable adults: county lines - Home Office, February 2020.

    CQC: A new strategy for the changing world of health and social care (2021) - This strategy strengthens the commitment to ensure health and care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and to encourage those services to improve. 

    GOV.UK: Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice - Code of practice giving guidance for decisions made under the Mental Capacity Act 2005. October 2020.

    Herbert Protocol - The Herbert Protocol is a form containing key information about a person living with dementia, who is at risk of going missing. 

    Home Office: Domestic Abuse Statutory Guidance - was published on the 8th July 2022 and is issued under the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 (the DA Act). The guidance is aimed at statutory and non statutory bodies working with victims, including children or perpetrators of domestic abuse. It is designed to support organisations, such as the NHS, to identify and respond to domestic abuse, as well as promote best practice.

    Integrated Care Systems (ICS) explained: making sense of the new NHS structure - This glossary is intended to
    support in understanding the terminology and acronyms used to describe how the NHS structure is evolving .

    Integration and Innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all - White paper setting out legislative proposals for a Health and Care Bill.

    Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS) - see regular updates on the progress of LPS from SCIE.

    Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS) (October 2022) - a visual summary of what you need to know. 

    Liberty Protection Safeguards Animation (October 2022) - E-learning for health, courtesy of NHS Heath Education England.

    London Fire Brigade (LFB): A Carers Guide to Home Fire Safety - Learn how to keep people that receive care safe from fire.

    LGA: Health and social care, integrated care and safeguarding adults (December 2022) - This report was commissioned to provide an early understanding of the impact of the NHS integrated care systems (ICS) and integrated care boards (ICBs) on adult safeguarding. 

    LGA: What constitutes a safeguarding concern and how to carry out an enquiry (December 2022) - This is considered through the lens of two specific challenges presented by two regions. The aim is to support building confidence more broadly in safeguarding practice across partnerships.

    Mental Capacity Act toolkit (September 2022) - this contains materials that have been created to help support health and social care professionals working with individuals whose decision-making capacity is limited, fluctuating, absent or compromised.

    National Analysis of Safeguarding Adult Reviews - this report was commissioned by CHIP - the sector-led Care and Health Improvement Programme, co-produced and delivered by the Local Government Association and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services in England.

    National Referral Mechanism Guidance: Adult (England and Wales) - The National Referral Mechanism (NRM) is a framework for identifying and referring potential victims of modern slavery and ensuring they receive the appropriate support.

    NHS England Safeguarding app - The NHS Safeguarding app has been developed to act as a comprehensive resource for healthcare professionals, carers and citizens. It provides 24-hour, mobile access on up to date legislation and guidance across the safeguarding life course.

    The app also provides information on how to report a safeguarding concern and even has a directory of safeguarding contacts for every local authority in England, searchable by region.

    It can be accessed via Apple iOSGoogle Play or it can be downloaded by visiting your device’s appropriate app store and searching for ‘NHS Safeguarding’.

    NICE: Good practice in safeguarding training - A quick guide for registered managers of care homes by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. 

    Out-of-Area Safeguarding Adults Arrangements, ADASS Guidance, June 2016 - Guidance for Inter-Authority Safeguarding Adults Enquiry and Protection Arrangements.

    Recognising and preventing delirium - National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

    Revisiting Safeguarding Practice Guidance - Published 28 January 2022 (updated 31 March 2022), This briefing is for social workers and other safeguarding practitioners working in adult social care who are involved in safeguarding. It sets out the roles and responsibilities in relation to adult safeguarding in local authorities, including the statutory duties social workers and others with delegated responsibilities are expected to fulfil.

    Safe care at home review: terms of reference - Joint review led by the Home Office and DHSC into the protections and support for adults abused in their own home by people providing their care. February 2022.

    Safeguarding adults in care homes - Published by NICE, February 2021.

    Safe Lives: Unseen (January 2023) - Blind and partially sighted people’s experiences of domestic abuse.

    SCIE: Adult safeguarding practice questions - This guidance is for frontline practitioners and managers who work with adults who have care and support needs and who may be at risk of abuse or neglect. It is relevant to people in health, housing, the police, as well as in social care – both statutory social workers, and staff in the regulated and non-regulated provider sectors. 

    SCIE: Creating a safeguarding culture - A quick guide for registered managers of care homes. This guidance was co-produced by NICE and SCIE and is based on NICE’s guideline on Safeguarding Adults In Care Homes.

    This new quick guide provides concise practical guidance on how to develop a positive culture that encourages open conversations about safeguarding. Registered managers of care homes may find this resource useful. The quick guide includes advice on:

    • safeguarding policy
    • systems and procedures
    • whistleblowing
    • roles and responsibilities
    • management and supervision

    SCIE: Mental Capacity Act 2005 at a glance - This At a glance summary presents an overview of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005, which is important to health and social care practice. July 2020

    SCIE: Resident-to-resident harm in care homes and other residential settings: a scoping review - This report from Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) aims to explore resident-to-resident harm in care homes, also referred to as resident-to-resident abuse. 

    SCIE: Safety and safeguarding in the care home - This resource covers the implications of the personalisation agenda for owners and managers of care homes. It summarises information, advice and guidance which will support care home owners and managers as they develop a person-centred (or personalised) approach to care in their homes.

    Transitional Safeguarding and the role of social work with adults: bridging the gap - This Transitional Safeguarding knowledge briefing has been coproduced with the Chief Social Worker for Adults, Research in Practice, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), British Association of Social Workers (BASW), Care and Health Improvement Programme (Local Government Association and ADASS) and the NWG Network, with input from police colleagues.

    The Traveller Movement: Safe Space for Women - Designed for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller women to get the information and support they need. The aim is for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller women to feel aware of their legal rights, options and local available supports. The Traveller Movement have launched a microsite for survivors of domestic abuse. The website is full of information, videos and testimonials from survivors of abuse which is primarily targeted at Gypsy Roma and Traveller women.

    White Paper - People at the Heart of Care: adult social care reform - This white paper, People at the Heart of Care, sets out an ambitious 10-year vision for how the government will transform support and care in England.


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