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A statutory requirement of the Safeguarding Adults Board is to develop a strategic plan to ensure that partners work together to keep vulnerable adults in Bromley safe. To do this, we review the work which has been achieved so far, and together with our members decide on what we need to do, whilst ensuring we work together with the community. 

Although our strategy focuses on some thematic priorities, safeguarding all vulnerable adults is important to us, which is why we like to hear from you. This can be from completing online surveys we may have on here, sharing your experiences with the BSAB team, or sharing feedback on the contact information provided on the how we can help page.  

BSAB 2022-24 Business Plan

This business plan was produced together with BSAB partners during a development day held in October 2021 where we asked members to audit the BSAB on a number of set criteria. The pan-London Safeguarding Adults Partnership Audit Tool (SAPAT) was used as part of this process. 

We combined the findings to identify any areas of further development, as well as areas where partners agree that the BSAB is doing well with, and aligned these with our broader BSAB 2020-23 Strategy

You can also view our previous strategy by clicking on the below.

BSAB 2016-19 Strategy


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