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BSAB Self-Neglect Help & Support Video

Are you concerned that that someone you know, perhaps a friend or a neighbour, is neglecting themselves?

Self-neglect can happen to anyone, but the elderly and those with physical or mental health problems may be more likely to self-neglect, and suffer serious consequences as a result.

Remember, you should always report any concerns straight away. If adult social care is notified early enough, it might be possible to prevent harm and further self-neglect.

If you make a report, someone will talk to you about this as soon as possible. If there is immediate danger, they will aim to visit you, or the person you are concerned about straight away. If there is a significant risk of harm, they will aim to visit within 24 hours. For other reports of abuse, they will normally visit within five working days.

For more information,  please watch the BSAB Self-Neglect Help & Support video here, or click the video below:


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