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National SAB Excellence Award Nominations 2024 - 'We see you, we hear you'

The National Safeguarding Adults Board Excellence Award will be in November 2024 and the nominations are open until 18 October 2024.

This is a National Safeguarding Adults Board Safeguarding Adults Excellence Award Nomination Form for you to nominate and recognise the hard work and dedication of any professional and/or team across England who have gone over and above this year, who continue to provide an outstanding commitment and effort to safeguard adults and their families. 


This is the 4th year for the National Safeguarding Champions Awards, and we are looking for your nominations in the following 8 categories:

  1. Empowerment Champion - someone/team who has demonstrated empowering individuals
  2. Prevention Champion - someone/team who has demonstrated and acted to prevent abuse or neglect
  3. Proportionality Champion - someone/team who has demonstrated being balanced in their approach to ensure the least intrusive response
  4. Partnership Champion - someone/team who has demonstrated working in partnership
  5. Accountability Champion - someone/team who has demonstrated keeping others accountable, including themselves
  6. Protection Champion - someone/team who has demonstrated protecting adults at risk 
  7. Lifetime Award - includes anyone who has demonstrated more than 15 years of experience in safeguarding adults 
  8. Innovation Champion - includes all areas of where someone/team has been creative and set new ways of working with adults at risk

Nominations are now open

For more information about the National SAB Excellence Award and to make an award nomination, click here.

The deadline for those invited to make a nomination is by the 18 October 2024.


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